What Oscars? Here Are Your 2014 Razzie Award Winners

Some awards ceremony is going on in Los Angeles right now, with a bunch of people all dressed up fancy, handing each other shiny little gold men and thanking long lists of people you've never heard of ever. But I'm not sure why anyone is even bothering with all that, since the most important film awards have already… »3/02/14 10:25pm3/02/14 10:25pm

The Oprah Winfrey Network has doubled the number of episodes ordered for the first season of Tyler P

The Oprah Winfrey Network has doubled the number of episodes ordered for the first season of Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots. “Tyler’s fans and OWN viewers have responded to this guilty pleasure in record numbers, and we are happy to give them more of a good thing," said OWN president and Behind the 25th… »6/25/13 5:30pm6/25/13 5:30pm

OMG, Justin Bieber Got the World's Ugliest Tattoo of Selena Gomez

Though it is technically possible that this is just an extremely terrible drawing of a miscellaneous dark-haired angel wearing a suspiciously familiar mega-cleave gown, IT IS TOTALLY SELENA GOMEZ, YOU GUYS. And now it resides permanently on Justin Bieber's miniature forearm where it smudgily judges all the earthbound… »4/25/13 9:10pm4/25/13 9:10pm

Diary of a White Lady Trying to Write About Tyler Perry

I think Tyler Perry is a bad artist. He is bad at art. He tries to make movies that are good, but he makes movies that are bad, and sometimes his movies are bad in a way that I consider dangerous. Perry constructs his own moral code and then punishes women (black women), violently, for violating it. He exploits rape… »4/19/13 4:30pm4/19/13 4:30pm

Tyler Perry Isn't Just an Artless Hack, He's a Scary Ideologue

There are a lot of things to laugh at in Tyler Perry's Temptation: Kim Kardashian's attempts to move and talk at the same time, Vanessa Williams's fake French accent for no reason (hoh-hoh-hohhh!), the alien dialogue, the blunt-force moralizing, the sheer ineptitude of Perry's filmmaking. (Worth noting: None of… »4/03/13 6:06pm4/03/13 6:06pm

The Meanest Lines About Kim Kardashian's Acting in Temptation

I'm not sure I'll ever regret anything as intensely as I regret not going to a screening of Temptation (full title: Tyler Perry Presents Tyler Perry's Temptation: True Confessions of Tyler Perry's Golden Money Clip, or, "Feed Me Your Money, Mommy, I'm Hungry!": The Movie) so that I could write a review of it. How did… »4/01/13 6:00pm4/01/13 6:00pm

Check Out Jurnee Smollett, Vanessa Williams and Kim Kardashian's Blank Expression in the Trailer for Tyler Perry's Temptation

The plot: "A marriage counselor's personal and professional life becomes complicated after she enters into a relationship with one of her clients." Why Kim Kardashian is in it, no one knows. Why Vanessa Williams has a weird accent, no one knows. Does the heroine choose the nice guy with the red sportscar and private… »12/21/12 5:45pm12/21/12 5:45pm

Madonna Tastelessly Waves Guns Around Onstage Post-Aurora Shooting

In her continued (and, if you ask me, unnecessary) bid for relevancy, Madonna most recently pissed off Mothers Against Guns during her MDNA tour. They objected when Madge waved around some (fake) firearms onstage during a concert in Murrayfield, Scotland not 48 hours after the Colorado Dark Knight Rises shooting, also… »7/23/12 9:00am7/23/12 9:00am

Whitney Houston's Body Is Being Flown Home on Tyler Perry's Private Jet

As news about Whitney Houston's tragic death continues to roll in, we now know that her body has been released by the Los Angeles coroner's office, and she is apparently on board Tyler Perry's private jet en route to New Jersey, where her funeral will be held later this week. Plans for the event are still coming… »2/13/12 8:00pm2/13/12 8:00pm