Popping Ibuprofen Every Time You're Hung Over Is Making You Go Deaf

In a world beset by unending cacophony, analgesics — the hilarious medical term for pain relief medications — are a welcome respite. They make the pounding pain go away, and replace it with beautiful silence (and possible internal bleeding, but mostly silence). But they may be doing more than that — they may be making… » 9/13/12 2:00pm 9/13/12 2:00pm

Tylenol Loves Our Wrinkled, Saggy, Un-Photoshopped Skin

At 7:25 this morning, an ad from Tylenol (above) grabbed my attention, made me stop what I was doing and stand perfectly still. The close-up "beauty shots" of the human body — including the wrinkled skin of (gasp!) old people, are just incredibly gorgeous. No one in this commercial is Photoshopped into smooth,… » 2/08/08 6:20pm 2/08/08 6:20pm