Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors: When Did the Family Confront the MIA Scott Disick?

Welcome back, dolls! We made it to 2016 and thankfully the tea is just as hot as it was last year. Here’s hoping you all had an amazing New Year filled with confrontations and combative behavior. Since me and my staff are forbidden from making New Year’s resolutions, there will be no new year, new me BS on this part…

Gloria Allred Defends 14-Year-Old Girl After OK! Implicates Her in Sex Scandal With Tyga

The cover story of OK!’s December 28 issue, entitled “TYGA IN LOVE WITH UNDERAGE TEEN,” tells the story of a “14-year-old model” whom Tyga had allegedly been chatting with on Instagram. There are screenshots of their alleged conversations (easily faked, I thought), a blurry photo of the teen (probably just a blurred…

This Week In Tabloids: Miranda and Gwen Are Fighting Over Blake Shelton of All People

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we go to the magazine store and buy Star, In Touch, OK, Life & Style, and Playboy (for a certain unnamed coworker who was interested in seeing what the magazine’s final nude issue was like), hand the friendly cashier our money (wow, Playboy is expensive!), and say, “Yes, absolutely,”…


Damon Wayans Demands 'Stop Twisting My Words' After Calling Cosby Victims 'Unrapeable'

Damon Wayans can’t believe everybody’s so bent out of shape about him calling some of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims “unrapeable” and their allegations “a money hustle.” Wayans took to Twitter to huffily defend himself, pointing out that he did say that he felt sorry for anyone who was actually raped or whatever.