10 Story Decisions Scifi And Fantasy Writers Ended Up Regretting

There are writers who disown entire books after they've written them, but sometimes writers like their stories on the whole, but feel a twinge of regret over one a small (or not-so-small) detail. Here are a few decisions that the writers, in hindsight, wished they had thought through a little better. » 12/24/14 1:36pm 12/24/14 1:36pm

​Gifts That'll Make Your Significant Other Less Annoying

The holidays are here, bringing the promise of good cheer, the scent of fresh-baked cookies, and the steadily increasing stress over choosing the proper gift for your significant other. Then there are the stretches of quality time together, often in high-pressure environments like crowded airports, when mildly… » 12/04/14 5:30pm 12/04/14 5:30pm

It's Official: Twin Peaks Will Return!

Yes, it's happening. No more vague tweets about a possible return; co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have come together with Showtime to announce via video that TWIN PEAKS IS BACK!!!!! [UPDATED] » 10/06/14 11:58am 10/06/14 11:58am

Top 25 Scariest Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Episodes of All Time

Science fiction and fantasy take us into the unknown, which is inherently somewhat scary — but sometimes, they go way further. Last week, we shared part one of our list of the top 50 scariest science fiction and fantasy TV episodes. But now, here are the 25 scariest television episodes of all time! » 10/23/13 5:26pm 10/23/13 5:26pm

The Mashup You Never Knew You Needed: 'Parks And Rec' Meets 'Twin Peaks'

This is the kind of video that really speaks for itself. And a shining example of why the interwebs is the best invention in the history of anything ever. Thanks to a couple of likeminded crazies who clearly have nothing better to do with their time than create gems that add a wee sparkle to your day, we now have one… » 12/07/11 9:50am 12/07/11 9:50am

Hooters and Twin Peaks Battle It Out To See Who Will Be America's…

This week in Georgia, the infamous restaurant chain Hooters filed suit against another restaurant called Twin Peaks, which has a similar "concept." Hooters is accusing Twin Peaks of stealing trade secrets. How many secrets—other than half-naked waitresses and chicken wings—does Hooters really have? Enough that… » 10/02/11 6:30pm 10/02/11 6:30pm

Loose Lips

Best quote in the history of celebrity quotes: "There Might Not Be a Hannah Montana If It Wasn't For David Lynch" — Billy Ray Cyrus. Does that mean Hannah Montana = Bob? • Salma Hayek called off her engagement to French billionaire and baby daddy Francois-Henri Pinault. Her rep says: "There will be no further… » 7/18/08 11:45am 7/18/08 11:45am

A Polish man had a totally Twin Peaks moment when he visited a brothel and found out his wife was one of the employees. He told the Polish tabloid Super Express: "I was dumbfounded. I thought I was dreaming." Marginally less disturbing than finding your daughter at the whorehouse you frequent, but still pretty… » 1/10/08 9:45am 1/10/08 9:45am