Fire Walk With Me Into This New Twin Peaks Teaser Trailer! 

Oh my god, Twin Peaks is truly in the works, and this new production trailer from its future home Showtime gives us a little (very little) teaser peek into what will eventually, hopefully, be Twin Peaks but scarier, more vulgar, and more explicit thanks to the god-given invention that is cable tee vee, baby!


How Pixar’s Inside Out Avoided Its Greatest Danger: Becoming An “After-School Special”

Inside Out is a complex film about the human psyche, but it has a really simple message: Sadness is an important part of life. You can’t have joy without sadness, and growing up means accepting that memories can be happy and sad. Director Pete Docter told io9 it was hard to avoid making this feel like an “after-school…

Watch Twin Peaks Stars Plea for David Lynch to Return 

As previously reported, Twin Peaks is coming back! (YEAHHH!) But then David Lynch backed out because Showtime isn't giving him enough money to realize his vision. (NOOO!) But now, the original cast has made a collective video plea for his return (YEAHHH!) and it's awesome to see the crew back in the game, even the…