Twerking Is Over: This Video of a Woman Falling Out of Car Proves It

Actually, Twerking was over on Halloween as I terrified trick-or-treaters by shaking my tail puff while wearing a giant guinea pig costume. But only one kid cried then. Now there's a video of a woman literally falling out of a car while twerking and by the end of the week all of you will have seen it. » 1/19/15 10:00pm 1/19/15 10:00pm

Female Students Twerk for Internships in University-Sponsored Pageant

For years, universities in the Czech Republic have held beauty pageants for their female students. The women who compete tend to look like beauty contestants anywhere: slim, young, able-bodied, large of hair, heavily made up, clad alternatively in evening gowns and bathing suits. The events have grown controversial… » 11/26/14 11:50am 11/26/14 11:50am

PSA: Miley Is 'Over' Twerking; Has Yet To Discover Shmoney Dance

Miley Cyrus is officially done with twerking, y'all. Having honed the specifics of the dance and singlehandedly brought it to popularity, there's just not much more she can do with it, you know? But because she's Miley Cyrus, the godmother of black culture, she is again bringing to the masses, a dance move that… » 10/16/14 7:10pm 10/16/14 7:10pm

Teaching Assistant Quits to Twerk, Makes Buckets and Buckets Of Money

If you're checking your email today wondering whether that master's degree was really worth it, I suggest that you don't read this rags to riches story about a woman who went from a career in education to a career as the number one twerker on vine. Because she's literally shaking her bon bons in dough. » 10/11/14 12:21pm 10/11/14 12:21pm

Helen Mirren Twerked With Michael Strahan and It Was Pure Joy

Sometimes people twerk and it's embarrassing; other times people twerk and it's downright delightful because they know they look crazy and they aren't trying to peddle black culture (ahem, Miley). Their goal is simply a cheap laugh at their own expense. Case in point: This morning, Helen Mirren put her hands on her… » 8/05/14 3:00pm 8/05/14 3:00pm

Vine's Twerking Granny Calls Up the Spirit of Susan B. Anthony

A twerking senior citizen is looking to raise the ghost of feminist icon Susan B. Anthony from the dead so they can throw a big party together. » 7/24/14 10:00pm 7/24/14 10:00pm

Twerkbot Is Here to Save the Future of Humanity

Robots. Is there anything they cannot do? The answer (up until now) has been yes, they can't twerk to save the human race. But one music group is working to fix that. » 7/22/14 12:20pm 7/22/14 12:20pm

Michelle Wie Twerks, Refuses To Turn Down After U.S. Open Win

Michelle Wie won the first major of her career on Sunday, shooting a final-round 70 to claim the U.S. Open title. Afterward, she got together with some friends to celebrate the victory, and oh man did they have they have a party. » 6/23/14 3:40pm 6/23/14 3:40pm

Three Chicks Arrested After Twerking, Peeing in City Hall Parking Lot

Three women in their early 20s were arrested in Beaverton, OR on Monday after they were spotted twerking in front of municipal court windows. One of them allegedly peed in between two cop cars while her friend filmed it. They were stopped by police, who reportedly discovered the girls were in possession of coke, meth… » 4/29/14 4:00pm 4/29/14 4:00pm

Watch Two 100-Year-Old BFFs Discuss Twerking, Selfies, Bieber and More

Irene and Alice have been friends for 94 years. NINETY. FOUR. (That should help you put that weird Facebook friendship with your boss' ex-wife in perspective, yeah?) Via The Steve Harvey Show, the pair sat down to discuss everything in pop culture, from the trials and tribulations of Justin Bieber to "selfies" and a… » 2/11/14 8:30pm 2/11/14 8:30pm

Tip: Don't Use Martin Luther King's Image to Promote Your Twerk Party

A "Freedom 2 Twerk" party in Michigan has been canceled after the venue owner saw the flyer for the event, which featured an image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a gold medallion and flashing a gang sign. » 1/16/14 1:49pm 1/16/14 1:49pm

Meet the Twerking Thief of Brooklyn

You know how in the "12 Days of Christmas," there are nine ladies dancing? Well, in New York, there is one lady dancing — she is, in fact, "The Twerking Thief of Brooklyn," who's getting down while robbing people's Christmas packages. » 12/12/13 12:10pm 12/12/13 12:10pm

It's Just Not Christmas Without Video of Miley Twerking on Santa

Christmas has come early, folks. Miley Cyrus took her twerk-y performance tactics to KIIS FM's annual Jingle Ball national concert date at Los Angeles' Staples Center. Guess what that means? Sparkly "twerking" state-to-state because, as you've heard, she can't stop, won't stop. » 12/09/13 11:00am 12/09/13 11:00am

High School Forces Students to Sign Anti-Twerking Blood Oath

High school dances: a place for craven youths to perform unbelievable feats of contortionism in order to simulate sexual acts. Seas of newly-licensed drivers dry-humping to David Guetta in the strange serenity of orgiastic abandon, their PSAT scores finally banished from the dark ciphers of their teenaged minds. » 10/24/13 1:10pm 10/24/13 1:10pm

Michele Bachmann: 'I Have Never Done Twerking in My Life'

Michele Bachmann has finally broken her heavy silence on Miley Cyrus's send up of the Minnesota Congressman on last weekend's SNL. She humblebragged about it. » 10/09/13 2:20pm 10/09/13 2:20pm

An Encyclopedia of Diseases Miley Cyrus Can Catch by Licking Things

Miley Cyrus may have claimed she's disavowed Twerking in her latest interview with Rolling Stone, but she's way into something that could turn out to be much more dangerous: licking things. She's licking a hammer and a rusty chain in the Wrecking Ball video. She's licking teddy bears onstage at the VMA's. She's… » 9/25/13 5:20pm 9/25/13 5:20pm

Can NYC Set the Guinness Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously?

New Orleans' Bounce Queen Big Freedia is taking it to New York City's Herald Square to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for "most people twerking simultaneously." » 9/19/13 10:30pm 9/19/13 10:30pm

These Miley Cyrus FCC Complaints Are Amazing

Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMA's the other week (like, years ago in Internet Time, but whatever) was ridiculous, over-the-top, and embarrassing. But even sillier than Hannah Montana pretending to rim a backup dancer while styled like a disturbed child's mutilated Barbie was Middle America's response to Miley's… » 9/13/13 1:50pm 9/13/13 1:50pm

How does everyone feel about this?

Mom punishes her 11-year-old daughter for twerking at a school dance by making her hold a sign up on a street corner saying, "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance. » 9/10/13 10:01pm 9/10/13 10:01pm