Up-and-Comer Lena Waithe Is More Than Just the 'Black Lena Dunham'

There's one particular scene from the pilot presentation for Twenties, a show centered on a twenty-something black woman named Hattie, that's not like anything you've seen on television. A few black women are sitting around at a birthday party, and one, Marie, mentions she needs a pad. Their white friend, Lauren,… »8/29/13 6:30pm8/29/13 6:30pm

You'll Never Forget Your Twenties, Because That's When You Become Who You Are

It's not just middle-aged people, TV, movies, fashion, entertainment, advertising, literature and all forms of expression that exist that seem inordinately obsessed with people in their twenties. It turns out that everyone is obsessed with people in their twenties, including you. New research on memory shows that we… »1/19/13 3:00pm1/19/13 3:00pm