Tonight Show Audience Cheers the Demise of Sarah Palin to Bristol's Face

Bristol Palin paid a visit to The Tonight Show this evening to plug her new memoir, but Jay Leno seemed more interested in talking about whether her mom plans to run for president. When Leno asked Bristol if there was any reason her mom shouldn't run, comedian Don Rickles exclaimed "'Cause she could lose!" The… » 7/15/11 2:14am 7/15/11 2:14am

Nancy Grace Angrily Defends Herself to Bill O'Reilly

Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter by a Florida jury last week, Nancy Grace's post-verdict coverage on HLN has remained bombastically biased against her, causing many to wonder if Grace had finally crossed the line. She certainly didn't do much to placate her critics with an appearance… » 7/12/11 11:16am 7/12/11 11:16am

Tour Katy Perry and Russell Brand's New Hollywood Chateau

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have purchased a new home. The price was $6.5 million, which apparently buys you 9,000 square feet of Mediterranean opulence in the hills above Los Angeles, and/or a suitably tasteful final resting place for the immortal Count Von Trumpula, Combovered Prince of Darkness. Click here or on… » 6/30/11 11:43am 6/30/11 11:43am

Kids React to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

It seems like everyone has something to say about the death of Osama bin Laden. As this new "Kids React" video from the Fine Brothers shows, many children—some of whom weren't even born before 9/11—harbor strong feelings about the life and death of the former al Qaeda leader, too. And while some of the kids are… » 5/08/11 11:57pm 5/08/11 11:57pm

The Sad, Pink Donkey Who Ignited a Taco-Boycotting Revolution

L.A.'s Pink Taco, a restaurant named after female genitalia that serves bad Mexican food to people who would eat bad Mexican food at a restaurant named after female genitalia, has pissed people off. How? In honor of Cinco de Mayo, they spray painted a donkey pink, wrote the words "Pink Taco" on its side… » 5/06/11 3:54am 5/06/11 3:54am

Did Sarah Palin Carry Out the Biggest Hoax in American Political…

An interesting footnote has emerged to a theory that raged around the Internet during Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice President. The theory is that Sarah Palin is actually the grandmother of her purported son Trig, not the mother, and that she staged a gigantic hoax during the campaign to cover up this fact. » 4/14/11 11:14am 4/14/11 11:14am

Judge How Bad Charlie Sheen's Live Show Was For Yourself

Charlie Sheen's live show, I am Teetering On the Brink of Utter Obscurity, is awful. So awful that the crowd reportedly booed Sheen off stage during his first performance in Detroit last night. Here's some video of Sheen struggling to shout out hecklers to tell a story about crack at that performance. Yikes. Who… » 4/03/11 7:25pm 4/03/11 7:25pm

The Wikileaks Knockoff That Has the Porn Industry Terrified

The porn industry is built on exposure. But the website Porn Wikileaks has brought a harrowing new level of transparency to Porn Valley by publishing the real names of more than 12,000 porn performers. That's just the start. Porn Wikileaks has wrecked havoc on performers' lives for months by wielding personal… » 4/01/11 4:07pm 4/01/11 4:07pm