NBC Is Making The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Into a Comedy Series

We’re swiftly heading towards the end of 2015, which means much of the hard work we did earlier this year organizing our clothes via Konmari method have since gone to shit. Many of us have returned to our hoarding ways and our once immaculately-folded socks have reversed back to a state of being brutally balled-up.
»11/01/15 6:45pm11/01/15 6:45pm


A Definitive Guide to All the Best and Worst New Fall TV Shows

It’s mad early in the year to be thinking about fall TV, I know. But the whole point of May Upfronts—where networks preview their upcoming programs—is for advertisers and critics (and all you lowly viewers) to get a taste of the best and trashiest shows guaranteed to be on television for decades. »5/20/15 11:50am5/20/15 11:50am