Glee Christmas Special Needs More Chewbacca

It's the holiday season and Glee's iTunes sales are down, which means they need an episode that's chock full of songs and light on plot more than ever. Since the musical numbers are often the highlight of the show, there's nothing really wrong with that, but it almost seems like Glee went out of its way to make the… » 12/14/11 1:58am 12/14/11 1:58am

Glee: Santana's Secret Is Out

While last week's episode of Glee sparked protests from parents groups, thankfully tonight's episode featured more wholesome plotlines. Now that we've moved past two gay high school seniors talking about losing their virginity, the show went back to a non-scandalous topic: student/teacher sex. The episode opens with… » 11/16/11 1:11am 11/16/11 1:11am

Glee: Awful Adoption Plot, Now With More Taboo Romance

This week's Glee featured an enjoyable new character, some solid performances, and a long-awaited milestone in Brittany and Santana's relationship. However, to paraphrase Gandalf, it's essential that fans hate and love the show, as they hate and love themselves, so the writers also had the already-terrible adoption… » 11/02/11 1:04am 11/02/11 1:04am

Glee: Kurt Gets Kissed In Hour-Long "It Gets Better" Video

This week on Glee, Kurt befriends another gay teen, stands up to a homophobic bully, and shares a shocking same-sex kiss...but not with the dude we were hoping for. » 11/10/10 6:00pm 11/10/10 6:00pm

Glee: Do The Kids Dream Of Electric Beats?

Last night on Glee, Artie and Tina got their own story line, Idina Menzel admitted that she's Rachel's mom, and guest star Neil Patrick Harris did a duet with Mr. Schue... and possibly Sue Sylvester. » 5/19/10 7:20pm 5/19/10 7:20pm

Glee: Eating Disorders & Incestuous Gay Hookups

This week on Glee we learned important lessons about body acceptance, and the perils of meddling with your dad's lovelife to satisfy your homosexual longings. » 4/28/10 7:00pm 4/28/10 7:00pm