Shonda Goes There, Puts Abortion Scene in Scandal

Shonda Rhimes is savvy enough to know that merely talking about abortion on TV sets off an explosion of discourse. The abortion storyline is still a nervy move, even today—though it’s becoming less so with shows like Jane the Virgin and Girls having advanced the conversation in recent years. Thursday night’s Scandal »11/20/15 10:20am11/20/15 10:20am

Watch Jane the Virgin's Rogelio Finally Confront His Nemesis Britney Spears

Monday night’s episode of Jane the Virgin was pretty intense: Jane, Michael and Rafael continued to play their relatively boring game of “who will get Jane even though she’s like a month out from having a baby and would probably be too exhausted to even think about getting into a relationship,” Petra dealt with her… »11/10/15 10:10am11/10/15 10:10am

HTGAWM Poll: Will Annalise & Wes Take It to the Boneyard?

The various dramatic plotlines on How to Get Away With Murder are always juicy, but we are waiting with bated breath for the show to answer one of the juiciest of all: what will happen to the relationship between Wes and Annalise? Two popular fan theories provide the most intrigue: all that tension between Wes and… »11/06/15 3:40pm11/06/15 3:40pm

Aziz Ansari's Master of None Was Made For the Netflix and Chill Generation

The second episode of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix vehicle, Master of None, revolves around Ansari’s character Dev and his Chinese friend Brian spending time with their immigrant parents to better understand the experiences and difficulties they faced moving to America. That plotline alone makes me happy to have Ansari’s… »11/06/15 9:50am11/06/15 9:50am

The Leftovers' New Plotline: Comatose Women Cannot Consent to Sex

Bleakest show on television The Leftovers quietly and expertly pushes the limits of portraying human desperation and misery, but Sunday night’s episode hit a new high (low?) for harrowing storylines. While doing so, it cleared away its characteristic ambiguities to make a clear narrative about consent. »11/02/15 10:30am11/02/15 10:30am