Makeup That Will Get You Laid-- Er...Make You Look Just Like Lana Del Rey

Happy Halloween, dolls! I was going to make myself look extra creepy for your seasonally-appropriate viewing pleasure, but then something came up: I noticed that the man I love has been listening to a LOT of Our Lady Lana lately. Like, nonstop. I don’t know how things work in your universe, but personally I find that… »10/28/15 1:16pm10/28/15 1:16pm


Pretty, Easy Nails: Sparkles & Stripes

No one wants to hear about Coachella any more, so we’re not going to tell you what inspired this nail art, only that you’ll need two types of tape to achieve it: Scotch and striping. This variety pack of striping tape was half off at Sally’s which made the gold roll we’re going to use about $.50. Excellent. Aside… »4/22/15 2:50pm4/22/15 2:50pm

From Ronald McDonald to I'm Lovin' It: A Curly Girls' Guide

I am the youngest of five children and have been mostly doted upon since day one. I say mostly because on the day I was born, all four of my siblings were mortified by my appearance. Mor.ti.fied. It was my hair: thick and black, sticking up in every direction, untamable. So disturbed were they that they… »3/06/15 4:10pm3/06/15 4:10pm