Here's the Only Coachella Makeup Tutorial You'll Ever Need

This weekend, thousands of young people from around the world will be packing up and traveling to the the middle of the California desert for Coachella, the most buzzed about music festival of the year. Of course, these days Coachella style is just as important as Coachella music so how do you keep yourself looking… »4/11/14 11:25am4/11/14 11:25am


Turn Yourself Into a Puppy With This Entrancing Makeup Tutorial

"Wait, don't we all love puppies?" asks the girl doing a puppy impression. Well, yeah, we do—except most of us don't love them enough to do our makeup so that we bear an ever so slight, large-eyed resemblance to them. But if you're ready transform yourself, let this girl be your guide on an incredibly strange and… »4/19/12 9:30am4/19/12 9:30am