Drag Queen Dixie Longate’s Sovereignty May Soon Be Official with Top Tupperware Sales

Long live her majesty Dixie Longate, Queen of burping plastic containers and the phallic vegetables whose crispness they safeguard. Guardian blogger Kira Cochrane posted today about Longate's seemingly unprecedented enthusiasm for Tupperware parties — or jubilees, as she gleefully calls them — and her place in the… »5/06/12 6:00pm5/06/12 6:00pm

Classic Judge Judy: Overly Dramatic Roommate Sues Over Tupperware

The clip above is from an episode of Judge Judy that aired a few years ago. The woman with the red hair might just be one of the best plaintiffs to ever appear on a daytime small claims court television show. She was in Boston marriage-type situation, living with a middle-aged woman running a daycare center. There… »12/12/07 3:30pm12/12/07 3:30pm