Beyoncé Crashed Someone's Karaoke While They Were Singing Beyoncé

SHUT IT DOWN. THIS IS THE GREATEST. Some gal pals were doing karaoke in a private room at a Miami karaoke establishment when, to their surprise, FUCKING BEYONCÉ JUST WALKED IN AND WAS ALL "HEY." Also Kelly Rowland. Also the people in the room were singing Beyoncé's "Party" at the time. Question. I know I wasn't there… »1/08/14 8:00pm1/08/14 8:00pm

Paula Deen Is the Victim of a 'Lynch Mob,' Says Anne Rice

Anne Rice had some stuff to say about the terrible, terrible persecution of Paula Deen. Specifically, she worries if Deen is the victim of our "lynch mob" culture. ANNE. ANNE. THAT'S NOT A GOOD USE OF WORDS. That's the kind of word-using that I'd expect from someone who isn't an internationally famous professional… »6/24/13 9:45pm6/24/13 9:45pm

How Long Can You Listen to this Men's Rights Anthem Before You Tear Your Ears Off?

God, you guys, you know what sucks? How men are responsible for all human achievement (except, uh, actually making other humans) and women just shit all over them. But now, thankfully, the Men's Rights movement has found a musical prophet fit to deliver the message that men are fed up with the rampant abuse from the… »4/16/12 4:00pm4/16/12 4:00pm