Tucker Carlson's Brother: Female de Blasio Staffer Has 'Dick Fright'

Buckley Carlson—obvious brother to honest and ethical Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson—said Bill de Blasio's spokesperson had "dick fright" in an email that made the rounds today. Wise older brother Buckface accidentally sent the email straight to the inbox of de Blasio's spokesperson, Amy Spitalnick. »3/25/15 10:30pm3/25/15 10:30pm

Tucker Carlson's Guide To Not Getting Divorced

Tucker Carlson, in responding to the response to the New York Times story about Ed Young's parishoners being ordered to have daily sex »11/26/08 4:00pm11/26/08 4:00pm, gets a lot of things wrong. And while that's not atypical for — let alone this one — it doesn't mean that one shouldn't count the ways that he just completely misses the point as to…

Critics: TMZ Is The New C-Span, 'Das Kapital.' It Sure Beats Tucker Carlson

Have you thought up an excuse for loving TMZ TV yet? Because the dilemma of loving a trashy syndicated daily show has the TV critics working overtime. Last week's Slate went with the tired "voyeurism" excuse that basically applies to pretty much everything on television; today's Washington Post compared the show to… »9/18/07 10:00am9/18/07 10:00am