Confessions of a Recovering Black Debutante


I'm a recovering debutante. I wouldn't go as far as saying a belle because I ain't with that frilly froo froo. Or girdles. I have a brain and I use it. I don’t own too many slips, or dresses, or wear much white. I don’t own a lacy parasol except for that one time where I had to accessorize with my lace ribbons for my… » 9/14/13 1:00pm 9/14/13 1:00pm

Amanda Bynes Appeared to Me Under the Supermoon Late Saturday Night

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young woman, who flew east through the clouds following a series of vehicular crimes in order to develop a fashion line and a perfume line as well as many other exciting projects. Sadly, far away from the Pacific sun, her spirit hardened into something strange; a cold, bitter,… » 6/24/13 5:23pm 6/24/13 5:23pm

The Story of One Prison Rape, In an Inmate's Own Words

Today, the ACLU announced that it is filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of prisoners at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, a private prison in Meridian, Mississippi. The suit alleges that EMCF is "hyper-violent, grotesquely filthy and dangerous." One example of the jail's dangers: this handwritten letter from an … » 5/30/13 2:15pm 5/30/13 2:15pm

Jewelry Is A Filthy, Poisonous Business

Last month's icky earring-removal story prompted the grossest stories you'll ever read. But we also received a message from a woman who had worked in the jewelry industry, and was not surprised about the hair-clog earring. She'd seen worse. » 11/16/10 11:57am 11/16/10 11:57am