Why Are Women Obsessed With Investigation Discovery’s Grisly TV Shows?

Jodie Gaines was 18 years old and on her way to a fish fry when she saw the blue lights of a cop car flash in her rearview. As detailed in an episode of House of Horrors: Kidnapped—one of a grip of ominously titled programs on the channel Investigation Discovery, the 24-7, true crime network—she was an outgoing high… » 8/18/15 1:40pm 8/18/15 1:40pm

7 Notorious Killers Who Actually Went Straight

Most people who’ve been convicted of murder usually settle into prison for the long haul. But in some cases, a killer, usually one who committed his or her crime as a youth, gets released and starts over. Here are seven famous killers who got caught, and never killed again. (So far, at least.) » 5/28/15 3:45pm 5/28/15 3:45pm

The Six Most Terrifying Serial Killer Families In History

Couples who kill together — Fred and Rosemary West, Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, David and Catherine Birnie — get plenty of ink. But what about siblings and larger family groups whose shared viciousness leads them into committing horrifying crimes? Read on for six especially nasty examples. » 5/18/15 11:09pm 5/18/15 11:09pm

The Terrifying True Story Of America's Youngest Serial Killer

In 1872, 12-year-old Jesse Pomeroy was briefly sent to reform school after brutally attacking several children. After his release, “the Boy Fiend” progressed to murder. A new book takes a look at this unusual case, one of the first to bring the insanity defense — and all its complications — into the public eye. » 4/17/15 2:58pm 4/17/15 2:58pm

Woman Tries To Strangle Boyfriend With Loofah

A Glasgow woman received two years probation for trying to strangle her boyfriend with a loofah rope in a fight over the remote. In case you're wondering, this is not a super-effective means of strangulation — says the BBC, "There was some degree of compression, but Mr McPherson managed to free himself and was left… » 4/08/11 11:40am 4/08/11 11:40am