Chicks Dig An Emo Vampire With Bloody Tears In His Eyes

During last night's episode of True Blood, former ultra-violence enthusiast slash speed-sex maniac Eric Northman had a bad dream and then cried. Since he's so different now, AmesiaEric is fun to watch, and it's obvious that Sookie just melts around him. He's like a rescued bear cub: Adorable until he tears your… » 7/25/11 2:30pm 7/25/11 2:30pm

Getting Drunk On Fairy Blood & Having Sex With Your Great Granddaughter

Last night on True Blood, the best scene by far was the one with a double dose of naked supernatural hottie. Sookie enlisted Alcide to help her track down Eric, who'd gotten drunk on fairy blood and was cavorting and frolicking through the forest as the inebriated are wont to do. They found him splashing about in a… » 7/18/11 2:45pm 7/18/11 2:45pm

Ass-kicking, Rape & Fairy Godmother Murder

After a sluggish beginning, True Blood is back to being the twisty-turny, disquieting freakshow we know and love. One of the best lines last night was when Andy Bellefleur, all keyed up and junkied out, said, "God grant me the serenity to — fuck it." That pretty much sums up the show: No composed moments of clarity… » 7/11/11 1:35pm 7/11/11 1:35pm