Did Stephen Moyer Accidentally Spill the Beans on a True Blood Movie?

Let us ponder this rumor with a quietly shitting Eric Northman. If you've hung in there with True Blood this far, congratulations — you have the television stamina of a silverback gorilla, which I guess means you have a lot of stamina. Your dedication to a series that often oscillates between frenzied, nonsensical… »1/11/14 5:45pm1/11/14 5:45pm

Attention fangbangers: HBO has announced that next summer's season of True Blood — season seven — wi

Attention fangbangers: HBO has announced that next summer's season of True Blood — season seven — will be the last. I stopped watching a while ago, but I worry about the people who can't survive without routine Eric Northman nudity, or regular doses of shirtless Alcide. May you find strength during the difficult times… »9/03/13 4:20pm9/03/13 4:20pm

Shirtless Supes Abound in the True Blood Season Six Trailer

Alcide rips off his shirt maybe three times, and Eric, in all his pasty Nordic luminance, poses shirtless in the moonlight. It’s all very titillating, to be sure, but the real question remains whether Jason and Alcide will have a naked olive oil wrestling match that Andy “accidentally” sees from a discreet distance,… »5/05/13 5:30pm5/05/13 5:30pm

True Blood's Vampire Jessica Gets Jazzy on a Gershwin Classic

Deborah Ann Woll, the actress who plays Jessica on HBO's True Blood, is a woman of many talents. Not only can she play an angsty vampire forever trapped in a 17-year-old's body, but, it turns out, she's also a big fan of musical theater and a heck of a singer herself. Watch as she, put on the spot by Peter Travers,… »8/16/12 3:00pm8/16/12 3:00pm

Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Don't Do It Anymore, Might Divorce

After fifteen years of marriage (and a fair amount of that spent in couples therapy, apparently), two of the final standing members of the Un-Divorced Hollywood Old Guard, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, might be almost ready to call it quits. This spring, Banderas was seen getting all up on another woman at a… »7/20/12 9:00am7/20/12 9:00am

Demi Moore's Topless, Pot-Smoking, Underage-Drinking Daughters Estrange Themselves From Their Even More Messed-Up Mom

For your latest installment of the Troubled Hollywood Families Variety Programme, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah (23, 20 and 18 respectively) have cut off all ties from their mom Demi Moore, whose emotional breakdowns in the wake of her split with Ashton Kutcher became too overwhelming for the kids to handle. Since Moore… »7/07/12 11:30am7/07/12 11:30am