Badass Teen Girl Monster Trucker Is Badass

Rosalee Ramer, from Watsonville, CA., is a teenager on a monster truck mission. "It's something that I've dreamed about, and I'm finally doing it. Going over the jumps, sometimes 25 to 30 feet in the air, I feel like I'm flying," the 16-year-old badass — did we mention she's a badass? — said. » 12/06/13 9:50am 12/06/13 9:50am

Great News, Lady Truckers: You Can Now Get Your Big Rig in Pink!

Mitsubishi Fuso — from the same people who make Mercedes Benz, not Mitsubishi. I know; I don't get it, either. — are betting they can make a new line of trucks designed to appeal to lady truck drivers. How? By fucking making them fucking pink NO DOY. (Maybe you didn't guess because of your slow lady brain.) (read:… » 11/26/13 9:30am 11/26/13 9:30am

Mobile Paternity Testing Truck Offers Peace of Mind, Artisanal Cupcakes

(JK, no cupcakes.) Hey, do you have a bunch of spare babies cluttering up the den but you're not sure where the fuck they came from? Do you like DNA tests but hate buildings? Do you want to determine your child's future with the same ease and joie de vivre with which you would order a taco? Well has New York City got… » 8/16/12 2:40pm 8/16/12 2:40pm

Sweden's Twitter Account Now Controlled by Lesbian Truck Driver

The country of Sweden is known for lutfisk, stoic, tall Nordicolk who would make perfect Die Hard villains, furniture, and getting the fuck along. Now, the country's got a new face: and she's a lesbian who drives a truck for a living. » 1/19/12 5:20pm 1/19/12 5:20pm

Awesome Political Ad Features Gleaming White Truck, Threats of Gun…

Any political candidate that was thinking of maybe producing the awesomest, most gif-able campaign ad of the 2012 election season better step up their game: aspiring President of the Alabama Public Service Commission Kathy Peterson has just released a show stopper of a shit show of an ad. » 1/09/12 7:15pm 1/09/12 7:15pm

Keep On Truckin'

"Once a rare sight on British roads, women lorry drivers are increasing in number. Better technology has made the driving easier and, along with female-friendly policies... is helping to erode what was a sole preserve of the unreconstructed male." [TimesUK] » 6/11/09 5:20pm 6/11/09 5:20pm

Are Kids' Toy Preferences Hardwired?

In news that will likely please gender essentialists and leave others confused, boys and girls as young as six months appear to (maybe, sort of) prefer toys deemed traditionally appropriate for their gender. » 6/11/09 12:30pm 6/11/09 12:30pm

In order to make its line of trucks more "female-friendly", General Motors takes its truck designers to offsite events in which the male engineers accessorize with fake nails, heels and handbags in order to better understand what women want in a car, reports Feministing. "One guy on each team had to be Mr. Mom," says… » 9/10/07 11:45am 9/10/07 11:45am