News Anchor Says Giving Kids Participation Trophies Is 'Child Abuse'

On Sunday, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers took to Instagram to deride the nationwide scourge of participation trophies, put here on earth to litter the lives of loser kids who don’t try hard enough. He hates them so much, he said, that he’s making his kids give their own participation trophies back. »8/18/15 6:20pm8/18/15 6:20pm


Kanye & Future Debut Incredibly Sexist Video Game; World Rolls Eyes

Yesterday, hip-hop artist Future took a break from being autotuned to within an inch of his life to release a video game designed to be played while listening to his latest single "I Won." The game involves two men in lounge chairs on a beach throwing gold necklaces at bikini-clad women passing by. Once the women are… »5/09/14 2:40am5/09/14 2:40am