Buzzkill: NYC Vibrator Giveaway Shut Down

Yesterday, New Yorkers lined up to get lucky. Trojan — a company best known for condoms — was doing a giveaway; pushcarts were set up and free vibrators were being distributed. Unfortunately,
the sexy promotion drew big crowds, and the endeavor was shut down by City Hall. The good news? The punny writers at the New… » 8/09/12 1:00pm 8/09/12 1:00pm

The Trojan "Food" Truck Is Coming To Town

New York City food trucks dispense many delightful treats, and soon that will include some non-edible items. Next weekend Trojan's "Good Vibrations" truck will be stopping in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Montauk and handing out condoms and vibrating rings. You can hunt down the Trojanmobile near several bars, but as far… » 7/24/11 10:45pm 7/24/11 10:45pm

Advertising Taking Cues From Porn: What Is The World Cumming To?

Over on Copyranter yesterday, there was a Trojan ad in which a pig shoots a cum-shot-looking load of tanning lotion onto a woman's back. The point of the ad is that human men are not swine and therefore jizz into a condom. Only pigs spooge on your back! Sure, it's a condom ad, anything goes. But Trojan is not the only… » 7/10/08 5:00pm 7/10/08 5:00pm

Cable Vibrator Commercial Acknowledges That Masturbation Is For Women…

Late one night this weekend, I happened to catch a commercial on basic cable (I've seen it on both E! and Oxygen) for Trojan's Vibrating Touch. It's for one of those crappy little finger vibes that don't do much, but still it's kinda nice to see a vibrator commercial on TV that doesn't require a man as an accessory,… » 6/02/08 3:30pm 6/02/08 3:30pm