Cast of Broadway's Aladdin Performs Touching Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams brought so many wonderful, hilarious and often heartbreaking characters to life. But one of my favorites and probably yours is Genie is Disney's Aladdin. » 8/13/14 9:30pm 8/13/14 9:30pm

Here's Mrs. Krabappel's Sweet Final Appearance on The Simpsons

Last fall, Marcia Wallace, the voice of Bart Simpson's teacher Edna Krabappel, passed away just shy of her 71st birthday after a long battle with breast cancer. On Sunday, Wallace's character Mrs. Krabapple made her final appearance on the show, and the tribute was predictably sweet and sad. » 3/11/14 12:10pm 3/11/14 12:10pm

Oh sad. 'The Simpsons' will air a special tribute episode in memory of Marcia Wallace tonight, but not the one we originally thought. Apparently, plans to air 'Bart the Lover,' arguably one of the best episodes of the entire series, were scrapped due to technical issues. » 11/03/13 3:10pm 11/03/13 3:10pm

Your Morning Cry: Stephen Colbert's Tearful Tribute to His Late Mother

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert gave a heartfelt tribute to his mom, Lorna Colbert, who passed away last week at age 92. Get all the tissues in your house, and possibly a pillow case or an absorbent light rug, because you are about to cry all the tears. » 6/20/13 9:30am 6/20/13 9:30am

A Tribute To The Singular Masculinity Of Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, who died a year ago today, had "incredible masculinity, real guy energy," said the choreographer of Dirty Dancing. His brother said he taught him to be a man. But Swayze's version of masculinity was always more complex. » 9/14/10 1:46pm 9/14/10 1:46pm

"We're All Dying In Increments": Ebert Responds To Esquire Profile

"If [writer Chris Jones] took a certain elegiac tone, you know what? I might have, too...It was true. I didn't need polite fictions," says Ebert of his Esquire profile. But he doesn't want his readers thinking he's dying imminently. [CST] » 2/18/10 10:20am 2/18/10 10:20am

LaChapelle Slams Lagerfeld's McQueen Eulogy; Cause Of Death Determined

"Who the fuck was he to say that?" says photographer and friend to Alexander McQueen David LaChapelle of Karl Lagerfeld's comments shortly after McQueen's suicide. » 2/17/10 9:30am 2/17/10 9:30am

The Postmortem Rise Of McQueen On eBay

Alexander McQueen's untimely death only happened yesterday, but already the vultures are lining up to profit off the grief. The worst offender? A tribute domain listed on eBay for $1,000,000. » 2/12/10 1:00pm 2/12/10 1:00pm

Vanity Fair Covers The Last Days Of Heath Ledger

This month's Vanity Fair includes a lengthy piece on Heath Ledger's life, death, and final film. Highlights - if you can call them that - after the jump. » 6/29/09 12:20pm 6/29/09 12:20pm

Husband Makes Over Home In Tribute To Wife, God

A surgeon has dedicated his life — and house — to "massive tableaus depicting his love for his wife, each showing the couple set in a different era: ancient Greece, for example, or czarist Russia." » 12/18/08 3:00pm 12/18/08 3:00pm