Here Are the Most Common Baby Names of 2014 (And Their Fates)

It's December, which means it's time for a flood of looks back at the year that was. Today's edition: the most popular baby names of 2014. Among girls, Sophia takes the top spot; for boys, it's Jackson. Let's do a little scrying, shall we? » 12/02/14 5:15pm 12/02/14 5:15pm

Inane Celebrity 'Hand Heart' Gesture Explained

You may have noticed a new pose appearing in photos of celebrities. The "hand heart" is horning in on the peace sign's territory, but now the "demure, loving" gesture has sparked arguments over who created it. » 8/11/11 10:10am 8/11/11 10:10am

Times Of London Reports Befriending Lesbians Is All The Rage

If you don't have any lesbian friends, you'd better find some fast, because they're this season's hottest accessory! At least, that's what Britain's Sunday Times claims in a breathtakingly inept article that ran yesterday. » 4/18/11 9:44pm 4/18/11 9:44pm

Searching For Meaning In The Meaningless Celebrity Kiss

Were you aware that celebrities sometimes kiss onstage to get attention? From Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes, to Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Jonahnsson, to Miley and some dancer, stars can't stop exchanging loveless liplocks! But what does it all mean?! » 6/21/10 7:00pm 6/21/10 7:00pm