Apparently Endless Bachelorette Parties Are a New Thing

The New York Times Weddings section, forever on the beat of things that are hot and sexy, draws our attention to a new trend for brides: taking weekend trips for their bachelorette parties with their besties and/or having more than one bachelorette party. In general, neither of these ideas seems entirely new. What they … » 10/25/13 7:00pm 10/25/13 7:00pm

Clingy Millennials Are Texting Their Moms

Not content to leave all those trend pieces to its rival the Grey Lady, the Wall Street Journal joins us this week to let the world know that millennials like to text and Gchat with their moms, especially while at work. Click out of this box and get over to your email to send this link to the woman that birthed you… » 7/31/13 3:00pm 7/31/13 3:00pm

A Definitive Guide to Gay Weddings as Told by the Media

Did you know people who aren't straight can get married now? Well they can! Only in certain states, but in other states they can have very similar ceremonies that you can call a wedding. What's hard is that if you're gay, you don't know how to have a wedding. They are totally different than straight weddings, for which … » 6/25/13 4:30pm 6/25/13 4:30pm

Drunken Cornell Students Troll the New York Times

For a trendpiece on how social media is killing the college bar, the New York Times headed upstate to prep Bacchanalia Cornell University to get some juicy quotes from bros and bro-ettes just trying to enjoy a fishbowl full of vodka in peace before heading back to a fraternity house for some sex. And while the piece… » 9/27/12 11:10am 9/27/12 11:10am

Everyone Stop Freaking Out About Successful Women

Many women still struggle for equal pay, but every media outlet is suddenly eager to tell us we've gotten too big for our britches. Here's why all those articles on successful women and supposed "role reversals" are missing the point. » 12/06/10 4:15pm 12/06/10 4:15pm

Why Trend Journalism Is Breath-Takingly Stupid (Or: Brooklynites Like…

I expect trend pieces to be bad. I expect them to be superficial, hacky, tendentious, filled with irritating neologisms, short-sighted, over-determined, thesis-driven and not truly "reported," and to be built around quotes from the author's own friends. This is journalism. » 5/25/10 3:40pm 5/25/10 3:40pm