Here, Treat Yourself to a Random Penny-Ante Mad Men Prop 

Now that the show’s done and everybody’s satisfied that Don never became D.B. Cooper, it’s time to do away with all the props of Mad Men. Which means that if you’ve got some extra cash, you could be the proud owner of some smart midcentury accessories (or some hideous ‘70s tchotchkes, if that’s your thing). »7/31/15 7:00pm7/31/15 7:00pm


Dogs Befuddled By Close-Up Magic Will Make Your Afternoon

Dogs are so sweet and so trusting (especially when treats are involved) that it seems almost cruel to confuse them by offering them a treat and then making it disappear before their very eyes. Dogs didn't pay $39.95 — and a two-drink minimum— for this show and they're not impressed by the way you move your hands,… »3/22/14 12:47pm3/22/14 12:47pm

Dogs Eating Ice Cream Sounds Like Pure, First-World Madness

Ahead of what has proved for many Americans to be a happily gluttonous Memorial Day weekend, The New York Times ran a Q&A with ice cream trucker Peter Van Leeuwen, of the artisanal ice cream Van Leeuwens. Obviously, there was lots of delicious banter about ice cream and the scooping thereof, banter most definitely… »5/27/13 2:30pm5/27/13 2:30pm

Ice Cream Of The Future Could Become A Thing Of The Past

Sad news, friends: today Dippin' Dots, the company that makes those tiny balls of ice cream sold in malls as "The Ice Cream of the Future," has filed for bankruptcy. The company is asking a judge to allow it to use cash collateral to stay in business. This would be good news for people who like novelty, and forms of… »11/04/11 4:40pm11/04/11 4:40pm