George Zimmerman Doesn't Feel Guilty, Does Feel Victimized

Child-killer George Zimmerman has released a video—recorded, The Orlando Sentinel reports, by his divorce lawyer—in which he expresses the utmost lack of regret or remorse for the events that led to the death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin three years ago last month. » 3/23/15 7:45pm 3/23/15 7:45pm

D'Angelo Plays SNL, Panties Cream All Over America 

Panties creaming all over America after D'Angelo performed two tracks off his new album The Black Messiah on last night's SNL. It's been a long 15 years since "How Does It Feel," but we never lost hope, or thought his sexy was forever out of reach. » 2/01/15 4:00pm 2/01/15 4:00pm

George Zimmerman Arrested on Assault Charges—Again

George Zimmerman, the former security guard who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in 2012, and was later acquitted of the crime in 2013, was arrested—again—late last night on aggravated assault charges. Again. » 1/10/15 11:35am 1/10/15 11:35am

War on Slobwave: Oklahoma Legislators Want to Ban Hoodies

Just when we thought it was safe to wear sweatpants in the club, along comes the patriarchy to fuck it up for everyone. Republican senators in Oklahoma have floated legislation that would make hoodies illegal, utilizing an existing law that "bans the wearing of hoods while committing crimes." The law was initially… » 1/06/15 9:20am 1/06/15 9:20am

Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice Unite

The mothers of four slain black men and boys, three of whom were killed by police sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper for a heart-wrenching interview where they made one thing absolutely clear: their sons would be alive if they were white. » 12/13/14 5:50pm 12/13/14 5:50pm

Jury Doesn't Indict Cop Videotaped Choking Eric Garner to Death

On Wednesday, a Staten Island grand jury decided against indicting the Officer Daniel Pantaleo who choked Eric Garner to death on July 17 in an incident that was caught, in its entirety, on film. Suddenly, New York City isn't so far removed from Ferguson or Cleveland or any other place where black people are killed… » 12/03/14 3:00pm 12/03/14 3:00pm

On Wednesday, Michael Dunn was found guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Jordan Davis last year. This is Dunn's second trial. In February he was found guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of shooting into a car but a mistrial was declared regarding his murder charge. » 10/01/14 5:40pm 10/01/14 5:40pm

Renisha McBride's Killer Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison

Theodore Wafer, the man who was found guilty of second-degree murder for fatally shooting Renisha McBride last November, was sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in prison on Wednesday. » 9/03/14 2:45pm 9/03/14 2:45pm

Ways the Media and Police Justify the Killing of Unarmed Black People

There is a prevailing notion in this country that when an unarmed black person is shot by the police, there must have been a valid reason. In the spirit of fairness, it doesn't even have to be at the hands of the police. Black victims are routinely put on trial in the media with an unspoken but clear suggestion that… » 8/19/14 5:15pm 8/19/14 5:15pm

This Is Why We're Mad About the Shooting of Mike Brown

18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down on Saturday by a Ferguson police officer in St. Louis. Witnesses say Brown had his hands in the air as he was shot from 35 feet away. » 8/11/14 5:00pm 8/11/14 5:00pm

Renisha McBride's Killer Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

Theodore Wafer, the man who fatally shot Renisha McBride in the face on his porch last fall, has been found guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter. Wafer may receive life in prison and the possibility of parole. » 8/07/14 3:50pm 8/07/14 3:50pm

What Murdered Black Boys Mean for the Renisha McBride Trial

As Theodore Wafer’s trial in the killing of Renisha McBride begins today, the question of African American humanity rears its ugly head. Looking at the recent slew of racially-charged murder cases, being a black American starts to feel like you're a Game of Thrones character — expendable. » 7/21/14 12:40pm 7/21/14 12:40pm

Rachel Jeantel, the close friend who was on the phone with Travon Martin moments before he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman has graduated from high school! A key witness in Zimmerman's trial, her entire identity as a 19-year-old black woman was heavily scrutinized by the media who took jabs at her attitude,… » 5/31/14 4:30pm 5/31/14 4:30pm

Teacher Stirs Controversy For Dressing as Trayvon Martin in Yearbook

History teacher Spencer Smith is creating controversy in the town of Brentwood, California because he chose to dress for his high school yearbook photo as Trayvon Martin, complete with a hoodie and a bag of skittles. The community is split in their reaction. » 5/23/14 3:10pm 5/23/14 3:10pm

George Zimmerman Was the Special Guest at a Gun Show This Weekend

This past Saturday, The Arms Room, a gun store in Orlando, Florida, hosted the New Orlando Gun Show with a very special guest — none other than killer of dangerous Skittle toting youths, George Zimmerman. » 3/10/14 4:45pm 3/10/14 4:45pm

#Dangerousblackkids Hashtag Arises After Michael Dunn's Trial

While some were stunned and saddened by Michael Dunn's bittersweet mistrial verdict in the shooting death of black teen Jordan Davis on Saturday, Black Twitter provided a cathartic and sarcastic release by responding with the hashtag #dangerousblackkids. » 2/17/14 12:00pm 2/17/14 12:00pm

George Zimmerman Will Fight DMX in Fucked Up 'Celebrity' Boxing Match

It was recently announced that George Zimmerman, the Sanford, Florida man who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, had signed on with fight promoter Damon Feldman to participate in a "celebrity" boxing match with a hitherto unnamed opponent. Yeah, apparently murdering an unarmed teenager as… » 2/05/14 3:20pm 2/05/14 3:20pm

Judge Rules That Renisha McBride's Killer Will Stand Trial

On Wednesday, Theodore Wafer, the man charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Renisha McBride on November 2, went before a judge in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. And as of this morning, that judge has ruled that there's enough evidence for Wafer, who is also charged with manslaughter and possession of a… » 12/19/13 1:10pm 12/19/13 1:10pm

George Zimmerman Threatened Wife With a Bullseye Full of Bullet Holes

George Zimmerman, the gun waving lunatic who killed BUT DID NOT MURDER unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, is in the middle of a messy divorce. The latest allegation brought by his estranged wife is that once when he was mad at her, he nailed a bullseye riddled with bullet holes to her parents' house. "Yep, sounds about… » 10/31/13 2:10pm 10/31/13 2:10pm