Former Miss USA Complains TSA Pat Down Left Her Feeling "Violated"

Earlier this week, former Miss USA Susie Castillo posted a video on her blog that expresses how many of us feel after a TSA pat down. She's gone through the process before, but after a particularly invasive search at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, she filmed this video and filed several complaints. She… »4/27/11 9:42pm4/27/11 9:42pm

Southwest Apologizes For Booting Muslim Woman From Flight

The airline that kicked Kevin Smith off a flight for being "too fat to fly" yet allowed three children to fly to Nashville without their parents' knowledge is at it again — and now their incompetence has a racist twist! On Sunday, San Diego State University graduate student Irum Abassi was removed from a flight… »3/16/11 9:17pm3/16/11 9:17pm