Republicans End Green Initiatives, Return Styrofoam To House Cafeterias

Today House Republicans gleefully announced that they've done away with the biodegradable food containers and utensils Nancy Pelosi introduced to House cafeterias, because as everyone knows, protecting the environment is for wussies. They also did away with the House's composting program, which the chair of the House… »3/02/11 12:28am3/02/11 12:28am


BINge Eating: When You Eat The Garbage You've Tried To Throw Out

With the release of the Sex and the City movie only one month away, I've been thinking a lot about the cultural significance of the show that so many women seem to think they relate to. While I always liked it, I still hated so many aspects about it, particularly Carrie. I never connected with her character, nor would… »4/28/08 2:30pm4/28/08 2:30pm