The Kardashians Say Goodbye to the Bruce Jenner They Knew

The first part of the two-part Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode devoted to Bruce Jenner’s transition aired Sunday night. In the episode, the family dealt with the timeline of Bruce’s shift; though they all said they’d known for some time, in varying stages, that he didn’t full identify with being a man, there… » 5/18/15 11:50am 5/18/15 11:50am

Bruce Jenner, Transitioning or Not: You're Reporting It Wrong

Guys… Guys… GUYS! Let's talk about Bruce Jenner! There is nothing more I'd love right now than to talk about Bruce Jenner! I am just totally beside myself ready to talk about Bruce Jenner! Actually, no. I'm not. There are soooooo many stories out there I would rather write about, but it looks like the media is set on … » 1/30/14 11:00am 1/30/14 11:00am

Trans Teens Fall in Love, Transition Together, Live Happily Ever After

Katie used to be Luke and Arin used to be Emerald and recently the two found each other and are living happily ever after. While it's not the traditional story of teen love found in the Young Adult section of Barnes and Noble, it's the story of two teens from Oklahoma who met at a support group for transgender… » 7/24/13 2:46pm 7/24/13 2:46pm

Meet Jackie, A Transgender 10-Year-Old With Full Parental Support

Here's an uplifting story of a kid named Jack, who as a young child flat-out said he wanted to be a girl, and whose parents listened and completely supported his transition into young womanhood. Jack is now Jackie, and her mom says, "I don't feel like we ever truly had a son, we had a daughter that was unfortunately… » 8/31/11 12:15pm 8/31/11 12:15pm