Inspirational Transition Montages Will Have You Cheering

Transition isn't just about medical transition. It isn't just about hormones. It isn't just about surgeries. If any of that stuff. It's about making a lot of life changes. Choosing to move from unhappiness behind a mask to happiness unmasked. And here's a couple of transition montage videos that will really inspire… »3/23/14 1:30pm3/23/14 1:30pm

Bruce Jenner, Transitioning or Not: You're Reporting It Wrong

Guys… Guys… GUYS! Let's talk about Bruce Jenner! There is nothing more I'd love right now than to talk about Bruce Jenner! I am just totally beside myself ready to talk about Bruce Jenner! Actually, no. I'm not. There are soooooo many stories out there I would rather write about, but it looks like the media is set on … »1/30/14 11:00am1/30/14 11:00am