Trans Woman Jailed in Iowa for Eight Days Sues Hotel for Discrimination

In July 2014, Meagan Taylor and a friend, both black trans women, were traveling through Iowa on their way to Kansas City. They decided to spend a night at the Drury Inn in West Des Moines, Iowa. But instead of making it to Kansas City the next day, Taylor spent the next eight days in a county jail. »11/11/15 12:30pm11/11/15 12:30pm


How Sex Workers Taught Me to Hustle

Twenty years ago, Friday and Species were blowing up at the box office. Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” and Notorious B.I.G’s “One More Chance (Remix)” were in heavy rotation on my Sony Walkman. I had just graduated from high school in Philadelphia and was finally dealing with my sexuality. This was the summer sex workers… »8/21/15 4:03pm8/21/15 4:03pm

Trans Women Offer Women's Colleges A New Way To Support An Old Mission

Recently, Mills College in California and Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts modified admission policies to include transgender women regardless of the gender listed on official documents or completed medical procedures. The pressure is now on other women's colleges to produce comprehensive admission policies for trans… »9/09/14 3:22pm9/09/14 3:22pm

Laverne Cox and Janet Mock: Quit Stigmatizing Men Who Date Trans Women

Laverne Cox, an articulate and increasingly high-profile voice for trans people, joined trans activist Janet Mock, scholar Mark Anthony Neal, and The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith in a recent HuffPo Live chat about the latest prostitution scandal bedeviling New York DJ Mister Cee. During the half-hour discussion, host… »9/15/13 1:00pm9/15/13 1:00pm