Laverne Cox and Janet Mock: Quit Stigmatizing Men Who Date Trans Women

Laverne Cox, an articulate and increasingly high-profile voice for trans people, joined trans activist Janet Mock, scholar Mark Anthony Neal, and The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith in a recent HuffPo Live chat about the latest prostitution scandal bedeviling New York DJ Mister Cee. During the half-hour discussion, host… » 9/15/13 1:00pm 9/15/13 1:00pm

Nearly Half Of Transgender People Have Attempted Suicide

A disturbing new report says 41% of trans people in the US have attempted suicide. One possible contributing factor: the incredible discrimination they face at work, at school, and even in the hospital. » 2/04/11 2:12pm 2/04/11 2:12pm

Trans Student To Rush Texas Sorority

For the first time, a trans woman will rush the Zeta Chi sorority at Trinity University in Texas. Hopefully her experience will be more positive than that of other trans people in the Greek system. » 11/18/10 5:20pm 11/18/10 5:20pm

Trans, Tranny, And Problem Pronouns

Oh and Cis, Transgender and Transman — these are just some of the words that have cropped up to define the complexities of gender identification. But even with so many options, we still don't have a definitive vocabulary for transitioning. » 6/30/10 12:25pm 6/30/10 12:25pm

Transgender Rights Mean Letting People "Dress Like Ewoks"

We wouldn't expect Bill O'Reilly to applaud American Eagle Outfitters's new trans-friendly policies — but did he have to compare transpeople to Ewoks? » 5/19/10 9:30am 5/19/10 9:30am