Hey, Nerds: Don't Trespass on Active Railways to Get a Great Harry Potter Picture 

There are many lovely Harry Potter-related activities in the United Kingdom, including taking a Hogwarts Express-style steam train over the stunning Glenfinnan viaduct, which appears in the films. However, for fuck’s sake, do not trespass on any railway lines to get your perfect snapshot. Seriously. Don’t. »10/07/15 4:30pm10/07/15 4:30pm


Hey, Would You Give Up Your Apartment to Live on a Train or Nah?

Leonie Müller, a 23-year-old German college student, has given up her apartment to live on trains. The move saves her a mere $70 on rent and she has to wash her hair in train bathrooms, but she’s happier than ever. “I really feel at home on trains, and can visit so many more friends and cities. It’s like being on… »8/24/15 5:50pm8/24/15 5:50pm

An 18-Year-Old Virgin Boards a Night Train to Hamburg

We snuck into an empty sleeper compartment after downing a few beers in the dining car of a night train. His name was Mike, or maybe it was Matt, and we met a couple of hours earlier on the platform of the Duisburg train station. He had dark brown hair and clear blue eyes, and smelled like sweat and weed — the… »4/21/15 11:50am4/21/15 11:50am

Congress May Soon Let Us Bring Dogs on Special Squee Trains

Good news, lovers of furry domestic mammals! The House of Representatives introduced legislation on Tuesday that would require Amtrak (the government-subsidized rail system that brings so much joy to so many commuters along the Northeastern corridor) to let passengers bring their dogs or cats on specially-designated… »5/23/13 9:30am5/23/13 9:30am