Man Sues For His 'Right' To Take Upskirt Photos Of Unsuspecting Women

A Massachusetts man who was caught taking surreptitious photos up women's skirts without their knowledge or consent argued before the state's Supreme Court yesterday that the charges against him should be thrown out because FREE SPEECH. Seriously. » 11/05/13 4:45pm 11/05/13 4:45pm

Congress May Soon Let Us Bring Dogs on Special Squee Trains

Good news, lovers of furry domestic mammals! The House of Representatives introduced legislation on Tuesday that would require Amtrak (the government-subsidized rail system that brings so much joy to so many commuters along the Northeastern corridor) to let passengers bring their dogs or cats on specially-designated… » 5/23/13 9:30am 5/23/13 9:30am

How To Survive Public Transportation

Traveling can be tough. But whether you're going by bus, train, or airplane, we have some tips for being crammed up against other passengers for several hours without going insane. » 2/24/11 4:01pm 2/24/11 4:01pm

Waiting Sucks; Here's What You Can Do About It

Waiting sucks. New research shows that how long you had to do it in childhood makes you less patient now. But just knowing how long you have to wait may make it more bearable. » 1/31/11 5:05pm 1/31/11 5:05pm

Cat And Owner Are Reunited Via CCTV & Twitter

A cat named Lilou boarded a train in suburban Ireland and wound up in Dublin. Train staff traced her journey on surveillance cameras and used Twitter to locate her owner. Lilou was issued her own rail pass for future journeys. » 8/30/10 12:33pm 8/30/10 12:33pm

Baby Survives Fall From Train Toilet

A woman in India recently gave birth inside a train bathroom, but almost lost her newborn when the baby slipped out of her body and straight through the toilet onto the tracks. Does this story sound familiar to anyone else? » 10/09/09 5:20pm 10/09/09 5:20pm