Train Advocates For Stealing From Elderly People in New Video

The Grammy-award winning band Train, a group that has been producing music for over two decades, might be known best for their moving songs about women who are named after states who walk around in unusual but beautiful bodies. But their latest song is causing controversy for encouraging young people to steal from and… »1/23/15 2:34pm1/23/15 2:34pm

Worst Subway Ride Ever: People Get Off Train and Find a Severed Head

It was an unusually dangerous weekend on the New York City subway. And one particular set of train passengers got the horrifying shock of a lifetime. It happened at about 10 p.m. on Saturday, when people got off the L train at the Sixth Avenue stop and saw a man's severed head wedged between the train car and the… »1/23/12 12:30pm1/23/12 12:30pm

Michelle Bachmann Dances to 'Hey, Soul Sister' in Perfect Collision of Awful

As a part of a conspiracy to bring together all of the things you hate most, here's footage from the Michelle Bachmann campaign trail (RIP) of the lady herself dancing to the Train hit "Hey, Soul Sister." Wait for the next video to drop in which Newt Gingrich does a dramatic reading of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. »1/05/12 2:10pm1/05/12 2:10pm

Horrible Racist Woman To Spend Christmas Yelling Epithets From Jail Cell

A 34-year-old English woman will be spending Christmas in jail after her request for bail was denied. She was originally thrown in the clink after she let out a racist (and apparently drunken) rant during a train ride, yelling about how immigrants should just go back to their own countries — naturally, the episode… »12/07/11 12:20pm12/07/11 12:20pm

Station Cat Rakes In The Dough • Saudi Arabia To Open First Women-Only University

• Excitement over Tama, a hat-wearing cat who has been dubbed the mascot of a train tation in a small Japanese town, has pumped »10/29/08 5:20pm10/29/08 5:20pm $10 million into the town's economy. • A new Canadian suggests that gay men have a 12% lower income than straight men and lesbians have a 15% higher income than hetero women. • Doctors can…