The American Pastoral Trailer Proves That 'Mad World' Is a Song That Will Never Die

Just when you thought that “Mad World”, a song so stunningly emo had been so overused that, surely, somewhere, a film executive had held a metaphorical funeral for the preferred song of all sad movie trailers, it rears its familiar face. Here it is playing over the very self-consciously important trailer for American…


E!'s Newest Show Looks Like a Thinly Veiled Take on Scientology's Most Famous Member

In the trailer for E!’s upcoming scripted series The Arrangement, we follow a young actress as she mulls over a $10 million offer to wed one of the world’s biggest movie stars, who happens to be the most prominent member of a cult-like “self-help organization.” And though that might sound like the story of a certain…

Watch Ben Affleck As a Dangerous Math Nerd In the Trailer For The Accountant

I am not typically scared of Ben Affleck, math, or sunny-side up eggs but all three of those things made me fear for my life during the teaser trailer for the upcoming thriller The Accountant. The two-minute spot is heavy on Radiohead and light on plot details, so here’s the synopsis, as reported by Deadline:

Southside With You, the Barack/Michelle Obama First Date Movie, Looks Cute as Hell

The trailer for Southside With You, the upcoming historical romcom (romcom? bioromcom?) about Barack and Michelle Obama’s “epic first date across Chicago’s south side,” was released today, and it looks incredibly charming. Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyer star as the First Couple when they were just a Potential…

I Bet You'll Never Guess Which Kardashian Appears in the Trailer for Season 12 of KUWTK

Seven weeks have passed since the finale of KUWTK’s 11th season, and that could only mean one thing: it’s time to promote Season 12! In the trailer for the next chapter of E!’s biggest mealticket, we get plenty of typical lines from the ladies (“I’m not gonna let my sister get disrespected. It’s just not what our…


Fire Walk With Me Into This New Twin Peaks Teaser Trailer! 

Oh my god, Twin Peaks is truly in the works, and this new production trailer from its future home Showtime gives us a little (very little) teaser peek into what will eventually, hopefully, be Twin Peaks but scarier, more vulgar, and more explicit thanks to the god-given invention that is cable tee vee, baby!