Police Find Woman Pushing Dead Child in Playground Swing

Maryland police were called to a park on Friday morning to find what could have been a terrifying scene from a horror film. A woman was there, pushing her dead 3-year-old son in one of the swings. She may have been at the playground for hours, or possibly since the previous day. Her identity has not been released to… »5/23/15 3:10pm5/23/15 3:10pm


Manhattan Nanny Stabbing Tragedy Brings Out the Worst in UrbanBaby Commenters

The message boards on anonymous parenting forum UrbanBaby.com are frequented by impressively self-absorbed and judgmental city parents who fret over their paltry $700,000 household incomes, argue the merits of elite private schools, and write Moby Dick-length screeds on co-sleeping. But they wouldn't stoop so low as… »10/26/12 1:20pm10/26/12 1:20pm

Mom Loses Custody Of Children Because She Has Breast Cancer

Child custody disputes often get ugly, and the fight between Alaina Giordano and Kane Snyder's is no different. There have been allegations of cheating, domestic violence, and mental health problems, but their case is getting national attention because a judge denied Giordano primary custody of her two children partly… »5/12/11 9:48pm5/12/11 9:48pm

Yale Student Dies When Hair Gets Caught In Machinery

Michele Dufault, a Yale student who was just weeks from graduation, died today when her hair was pulled into equiptment in the chemistry lab machine shop. Dufault, an astronomy and physics major, was using a lathe as part of her thesis project on the possible use of liquid helium for detecting dark matter particles.… »4/13/11 10:53pm4/13/11 10:53pm