Motorists Make Best of Turnpike Closure By Tanning, Playing Football

An accident in Linden, New Jersey brought traffic to an absolute standstill on Tuesday. While some people must have been sitting in their cars grumbling, some other motorists chose to make the best of the hours they were stuck in traffic by engaging in summer activities they might have missed otherwise. »8/05/15 12:15pm8/05/15 12:15pm

Antics Of Basic Cable Traffic Reporter Make Cincinnati a Better Place

A local Cincinnati Channel 12 newsanchor named Bob Herzog, who was voted TV's sexiest traffic reporter by Jezebel's sister site Jalopnik over the summer, stars in the station's weekly "Dance Party Friday." The reasons behind this tradition are unclear, but any concerns of this nature will quickly become irrelevant. »12/26/12 5:25pm12/26/12 5:25pm

Ryan Gosling Saves a Woman's Life and We All Die From Swooning

There is no way that Ryan Gosling is a real human being. He's got to be some kind of artsy superhero, because he seems to be just wandering the streets looking for people in need. First, he broke up that street fight last summer. And today he outdid himself: He saved a lady in Manhattan from being hit by a taxi.… »4/03/12 9:00pm4/03/12 9:00pm

Ten Ridiculous Excuses You Don't Want to Give for Being Late to Work

We've all been there: you show up a little later than you'd planned for work, and, of course, your boss just happens to see you sneaking in, and then you have to explain yourself. Most of us are sensible enough to say something vague, like "problem with my car." And that's smart because, according to a new survey… »1/16/12 10:00am1/16/12 10:00am