Watch This Guy Physically Prevent His Date From Catching the Bouquet

I’m not trying to brag here, but I have caught the bouquet at a wedding three times in my life. In fact, I was so aggressive in catching it that I once almost crushed a kid (the only other one competing) in my need to win. But the guy in this video had a very different reaction to a bouquet coming his way. »5/20/15 7:05pm5/20/15 7:05pm

This DGAF Strategy Is the Only Way to Win the Dreaded Bouquet Toss

As a dude, I'm biased, but I love the bouquet toss at weddings. Not only because I'm usually so drunk I can't feel my teeth, but also because it's the only game you can win (existentially speaking, anyhow). For many women, however, the bouquet toss is a matter of being coerced, once again, into playing a game which… »1/07/15 1:15pm1/07/15 1:15pm

If Prom Is One of the Greatest Nights of Your Life, You're Fucked

Did you go to your prom? Did you drop serious dough on it, or rock it low-key and good times? The answer is b, right? You acted like you didn't care because you had the foresight and good sense to realize it Didn't Matter. But that didn't stop everyone else, because it's official: Prom, the mega-lolz "life event"… »4/26/13 3:35pm4/26/13 3:35pm

The Wedding Industrial Complex Seeks To Conquer Europe

Despite the terrible exchange rate and horrendously expensive air fares, I am currently in Europe celebrating the wedding of one of my closest friends — we participated in a high school exchange together in 1994 and have been friends ever since. I have heard a lot about how the traditions differ here, from having to… »7/14/08 3:30pm7/14/08 3:30pm

The Modern Wedding Ceremony: Full Of Patriarchal Pitfalls!

Perhaps diamond rings are "profoundly anti-feminist," but what about those other deeply entrenched wedding traditions? Where did those come from and are they secretly evil? Mental Floss has done a round-up of 8 common rites of marriage and boy, is it informative. Apparently brides didn't start wearing white until the… »6/24/08 3:00pm6/24/08 3:00pm