Watch a New, Powerfully Feminist Video from Chicago's Circuit des Yeux

Circuit des Yeux is the main project of Chicago musician Haley Fohr, an adventurous songwriter who uses her rich baritone to emphasize the gravitas of its own strange beauty. On “Do The Dishes,” the first single from her fifth album In Plain Speech and a koan of sorts, she beautifully navigates the concept of… »5/06/15 11:10am5/06/15 11:10am


Tracey Emin Says She Got Her Creative Fix from Making Art, Not Babies

On Saturday, the UK’s You magazine ran a pretty intimate interview with Tracey Emin, the insanely hard working artist who might be best remembered for her soiled bedsheets. Emin has no qualms about being unflinchingly forthright about her personal life, and she spares few details about her anxieties about aging, her… »4/21/13 12:00pm4/21/13 12:00pm

Former "Enfant Terrible" Tracey Emin Opens New Show, Reveals Even More

An exhibition of hundreds of Tracey Emin's previously unseen drawings opened this week at the White Cube gallery in London. Emin's art has often been criticized for its unabashed honesty, but her most recent exhibit, titled "Those Who Suffer Love," reveals a more "mature" side of the controversial artist. »5/29/09 12:00pm5/29/09 12:00pm