December Madness: The Tournament To Crown The Worst Christmas Song Ever

The holidays are a wonderful time, filled with hot chocolate and hugs and TV commercials that attempt to link the idea of familial love with the idea of buying things. It is also the time when radio stations assault their listeners with an unending holiday playlist. Ears bleed, praying for death. And we've had enough… »12/07/11 4:45pm12/07/11 4:45pm


Easy-Bake Oven Treats Will No Longer Be Light-Bulb Warmed

We're generally with environmentalists, but this time they've gone too far. Thanks to the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs, Easy-Bake Ovens have gotten a complete overhaul. You can't cook by the light of a compact fluorescent bulb, so Hasbro redesigned toy for the eleventh time in nearly 50 years, adding a new… »9/14/11 11:33pm9/14/11 11:33pm