All The "Cry Scenes" That Prove Animated Films Are Anguish Porn

I've been crying a lot lately. Frozen, The Lego Movie — even the Mr. Peabody & Sherman screening had weeping into my hat. And then it became clear: all of these animated movies for kids contain at least one hard-hitting "cry scene." Because it's a cartoon, and they can kill all the animated animals they want, without… »3/05/14 3:44pm3/05/14 3:44pm


Mom Tries To Sell Kids' Toys On eBay, Becomes Internet Target

After two little boys used the family bathtub as a "battle arena" for Beyblades, a spinning top toy, their mom had to get the tub resurfaced. As punishment, the mom decided to sell their Beyblades on eBay and use the proceeds, plus the money in their piggy banks, to pay for the $500 repairs. It sounds pretty harsh… »2/18/11 9:25am2/18/11 9:25am

The Mary Mermaid: Is This Dual-Stimulation Sex Toy Hot, Or Just A Cold Fish?

I definitely have more of a "type" when it comes to sex toys than I do when it comes to men. Maybe that's because there's just this one specific need that a sex toy needs to live up to, so I tend to be unyielding in my bias toward certain kinds of toys. For instance, I've always been into clit stimulation, meaning… »5/27/08 5:00pm5/27/08 5:00pm

The NEA: Is This "Luxury" Vibrator Worth It?

I'm not opposed to spending big money on sex toys, because I can't really think of anything that I value more than my orgasms. For a while now, I've found myself intrigued by companies that shill "high end" vibrators, claiming they are "as pleasing to the eye as to the touch." Now, I don't really give a crap about the… »5/01/08 4:30pm5/01/08 4:30pm