Should You Throw All Your Makeup Away? Yes. Will You? Probably Not.

Like a lot of small business owners, Ann Garrity » 8/27/08 2:20pm 8/27/08 2:20pm founded hers - - in response to her own lifestyle needs. Specifically her decision, at a dermatologist's advice, to eliminate toxins from her beauty routine. Effectively, this meant tossing "every lotion, soap and cosmetic she used" to try to curb the excess estrogen in…

Your Nails Look Great, But They're Killing Your Manicurist

According to an article in the New York Times, a study by researchers at the University of Toronto found that children who, while in the womb, were exposed to the chemicals nail salon workers use performed worse on tests for cognitive function, language and behavior — and the intensity of exposure for salon workers is… » 8/20/07 12:30pm 8/20/07 12:30pm