Stop Swiping So Much Bermuda Sea Glass, You Lousy, Greedy Tourists

Look jerks, I love pretty rocks as much as the next entitled millennial, but you’ve got to stop using your Bermuda vacations as excuses to pilfer 70 pounds of sea glass. Last January, Pennsylvania jewelry maker Becky Fox committed this precise transgression, and the Bermuda community is PISSED that such disrespectful… »9/29/15 5:45pm

How Jane Austen Became Such a Tourist Trap

For a woman who spent much of her life pinched for pennies, Jane Austen sure makes a handy marketing tool today. For example, on my way into a Jane Austen Festival dance workshop at the local Guildhall (another soaring, cake-like interior), I was handed a flyer for a “Georgian Lunch Menu,” offering 20 percent off for… »9/19/15 12:30pm

Note to Partiers: You're Not Allowed to Fuck on the Streets of Montauk

During the summer, New York City’s most wealthy and debauched will often escape the heat of the city by heading for East Hampton, bringing with them suitcases full of madras shorts, straw fedoras, and—most importantly—their shittiest behavior. Well, bad news for these dumb Gatsby wannabes: East Hampton Town Supervisor… »8/05/15 3:40pm

How to Talk About Your Travels Without Sounding Like a Dick

Everyone should absolutely try—if they want—to get out there and see the world, broaden the mind, expand ye olde horizons. But perhaps not everyone should talk about it after the fact, particularly if you’re just going to sound like a tone-deaf tryhard who desperately wants to appear cool/affluent/worldly. Don’t do… »7/13/15 10:50am

Hilarious Crazy Lady Commandeers Sweden's Twitter Feed, Has Questions About Jews

Governments are usually so boring, right? (At least on the surface.) America is such a bunch of liars. American political PR is all about paving over human weirdnesses with neutered, socially acceptable "types"—Family Mans, Soccer Moms, Joes-the-Plumber—when you know in secret these dudes are pooping in diapers (… »6/14/12 7:00pm