Engaged Couple Gives Up Wedding to Sponsor Syrian Refugee Family

A Canadian couple who had been planning a huge wedding decided to cancel the event and instead use the funds to help resettle a Syrian refugee family. Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian had their nuptials scheduled for March, complete with a venue and caterer. The Toronto-based couple ended up getting married last… »11/21/15 5:00pm11/21/15 5:00pm


Let's Guess What Drake's New Jungle Film Is About

Drake's an emotional guy and on Thursday morning he released a dreamy short film called Jungle. It's unclear what this piece is about other than a look at real and recreated flashbacks of his life in Toronto, strung together with old home videos of him as a kid (above) singing his heart out, then beginning his… »2/12/15 9:53am2/12/15 9:53am

Jian Ghomeshi Responds to Sex Abuse Allegations Like a Real Creep

This weekend, Canada's media world was rocked by news that Jian Ghomeshi, co-creator and host of CBC's popular radio show Q, had been fired by the broadcast network due to "personal issues." Those "personal issues" turned out to be allegations of a long record of creepiness culminating, in some cases, in sexual abuse. »10/27/14 2:10pm10/27/14 2:10pm

This Gleeful Ode to Muffin Tops Is Not About the Pastry

Just about the only thing that could possibly redeem the stupid term "muffin top" is an extremely goofy novelty rap song by a mother of two with lyrics like, "You're a mother-fucking warrior who likes to eat cake." (She sang softly to herself, waiting in line at the bakery.) And what do you know? The Internet has… »2/25/14 4:20pm2/25/14 4:20pm

Library Sponsors Romance Novel Vandalizing Event for Cool Teens

Attention, Cool Teens who are like already totally over Valentine's Day: The Toronto Public Library has planned an event just for you! The Anti-Valentine's Day Anti-Party, as originally planned, would give prematurely jaded pre-adults the opportunity to vandalize romance novels. Totally punk rock, right?! »2/05/14 2:40pm2/05/14 2:40pm

Hypothetically, Hillary Clinton Is For Sure Running for President

Speaking at a women’s lecture series in Toronto, noted HGTV enthusiast Hillary Clinton dropped a bombshell. An atomic bombshell. No, fuck that — she terraformed the political landscape with a new and shocking statement. Clinton told the unsuspecting crowd that she’d like to see a woman become president of the… »6/23/13 12:30pm6/23/13 12:30pm

Magical Used Book Store Dispenses Random Literary Treasures

Fellow word nerds, I've got some news that's sure to turn your pages! Toronto bookstore, The Monkey's Paw, recently added a machine that dispenses random old books to the tune of $2 a pop. How it works is, you walk up, give it two dollars, it does a magic spell, and out drops a vintage novel for you to take home,… »12/05/12 9:30am12/05/12 9:30am

Genius Canadian App Generates Snappy Comebacks to Street Harassment

Torontonians who are sick of being cat-called, gestured at, and generally assaulted with verbal come-ons as they try to slog through their daily routines are getting a little help from the Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children, which on Monday released a a free iPhone app that allows… »9/14/12 10:10am9/14/12 10:10am

Influential Toronto Woman Dispenses Safety Advice: 'Don't Dress Like a Whore'

WTF is wrong with Toronto's first family? Shortly after police warned women about a series of local sexual assaults in a news conference, Krista Ford, daughter of Councilor Doug Ford and niece of Mayor Rob Ford, tweeted: "Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don't dress like a whore" along… »8/30/12 5:15pm8/30/12 5:15pm

Girls Told To Stop Wearing School Uniform Skirts To Ward Off Perv

Earlier this month, two girls who attend the private school Greenwood College were followed on the subway by a man who looked up their skirts. Police in Toronto are looking for the suspect and in the meantime, an officer advised that perverts can be kept at bay if kids don't wear their uniforms on public… »10/13/11 10:25pm10/13/11 10:25pm