Tori Amos's The Light Princess Gets a Soundtrack & It's as Good as You'd Hoped

If you haven’t had a chance to see The Light Princess, Tori Amos’ first major foray into musical theater, there’s some good news: Mercury Classics has just released the original cast recording of the new musical and and you don’t really have to know the story to enjoy it (although it helps). If you’re already a Tori… »10/26/15 12:50pm10/26/15 12:50pm


23 Years Later, Little Earthquakes Is Still a Knockout

This April, Tori Amos—patron saint of '90s female self-actualization—is reissuing Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink, her debut and sophomore albums. Both albums will come with a double of B-sides, live versions, and rarities; there are 32 new tracks in all, including the gutsy, witchy deep cut "Take to the Sky,"… »2/06/15 5:10pm2/06/15 5:10pm

Miley Cyrus Covers 'Landslide' And It's Pretty Awesome

Yes, she's wearing a shirt with her face on it (this is going to be a new fashion trend, I can feel it! I just ordered ten with my own face on them) and yes she's using her phone to read the lyrics to the song (because she hasn't done it in a while), but goddamn if this cover of landslide isn't utterly listenable.… »3/22/14 3:00pm3/22/14 3:00pm