TV Shows Are Now Blatantly Ads For Crap You Don't Need

These days, we are constantly being sold products and experiences but now, companies are getting more trixsy. Instead of just airing a commercial selling a trip to Las Vegas, the city’s Convention & Visitors Authority is collaborating with shows like Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, drawing in fans of the program and… » 8/12/14 6:40pm 8/12/14 6:40pm

Four Myths About Vegetarian Cooking, As Seen On Top Chef (Plus Recipes!)

Natalie Portman annoyed us with her comparison of meat-eating to rape on the Huffington Post, but she was totally gracious on Top Chef last night. And her guest appearance revealed some of the common misconceptions about vegetarian cooking. » 10/29/09 12:00pm 10/29/09 12:00pm

Does Winning A Reality Show Competition Translate To Real-Life Success?

The least realistic thing about shows like Project Runway and Top Chef is the conceit that winning guarantees success. USA Today's reality competition "where are they now" reveals that often winning just leads to more reality show appearances. [USA Today] » 8/11/09 5:40pm 8/11/09 5:40pm

Occupational Hazards

"Each season, Ms. Lakshmi, 38, keeps two dress sizes on the (Top Chef) set for when the weight starts to pile on: she is 5-foot-9 and typically she puts on 10 to 15 pounds a season." [NYT] » 8/06/09 11:40am 8/06/09 11:40am

Morgan To Marry Step-Granddaughter; Jim Carrey To Be A Grandpa

Woman Breaks Barrier... By Cooking

Last night, Stephanie Izard became the first woman to win Bravo's Top Chef, the elimination cooking show that just finished its fourth season. Even though it is a reality show, Stephanie was always exceedingly pleasant, as was one dude in the final three, Richard Blais. Naturally, the Big Bad Lesbian Lisa Fernandes… » 6/12/08 12:30pm 6/12/08 12:30pm

Spencer Pratt Wants To Solve Your Problems

Project Runway Season Finale — Sweet P

Who knew Sweet P had this in her! The major underdog of this season of Project Runway turned out a really great collection at the show's runway finale this morning. The favorite of last season's Jeffrey Sebellia and Top Chef's Ted Allen alike, Sweet P's debut line was tailored, fun, colorful and, oddly enough, chic.… » 2/08/08 1:50pm 2/08/08 1:50pm

Fergie's Getting Hitched

Southwest Airlines Has Beef With Double-D's

No Jail For Libby, No Hot Wife For Salman, and Pam Anderson Lived To…