Angry Little Girl Is Done With Deadbeat Tooth Fairy's Lazy Bullshit

Here's how losing your teeth works: You pull the thing out of your mouth you get a dollar for it. You pull another one, you get another dollar. A good month can see you bringing in up to 5, maybe even six big ones in pure profit. But sometimes the tooth fairy is a lazy sack of poop that doesn't want to do their job.… »12/16/14 7:00pm12/16/14 7:00pm

Buxom Animated Tooth Fairies Strut Their Stuff for Your Kids' Cash

Not content to let the Tooth Fairy live a life without product placement, the Real Tooth Fairies has decided to finally monetize the hardworking pixie. What's that sound, you ask? Oh, that's just the Easter Bunny and Santa locked in a closet, dancing while Rich Uncle Pennybags laughs and blows cigar smoke in their… »7/23/13 9:34am7/23/13 9:34am

Joy Behar Perfectly Executes Bitchy Comment Toward Elisabeth Hasselbeck

This morning on The View, Elisabeth was telling a boring-ass, way-too-long story about her daughter losing a tooth and asking questions about the Tooth Fairy when Joy cut her off and said, "Did you try to find out if the Tooth Fairy has a birth certificate?" in reference to Elisabeth's not-so-silent support of the… »4/25/11 12:05pm4/25/11 12:05pm