Woman Called 'Too Fat To Fly' Sues Southwest — But Not For Money

Last year, Kenlie Tiggeman and her mother were flying home for Easter when, during a layover in Dallas, a Southwest Airlines employee informed her she was too fat to fly. At the end of last month, Tiggeman filed an injunction against the airline in district court. She's not suing for money. She's suing for information. »5/04/12 11:45am5/04/12 11:45am


Southwest Airlines Tells Woman She's "Too Fat To Fly"

Kenlie Tiggeman and her mother were flying home on Easter Sunday, which on all accounts should have been a pretty regular experience. But during their layover in Dallas, Texas the two women were singled out by an airline employee who told them they were "too fat to fly" — and the agent used those very words in front… »5/18/11 3:18pm5/18/11 3:18pm

Kevin Smith Isn't The First Person Southwest Deemed "Too Fat To Fly"

Kevin Smith is so angry he was thrown off a Southwest flight on Saturday, he's launched a campaign against the airline. Smith may be the poster-boy for "too fat to fly", but Southwest has a habit of harassing overweight passengers. »2/15/10 4:40pm2/15/10 4:40pm

There were mitigating circumstances in each of these incidents, but…