Vibrant Color, Icy Lace, and a Gaggle of Supermodels At the Tonys

The Tony Awards red carpet looked a leeeeetle different than it may have in recent years: it was filled to the brim with A-list models and fashion designers, so many their presence threatened to overshadow the theatre stars themselves. Why the sudden shift? Why, Anna Wintour, of course. »6/08/15 6:40pm6/08/15 6:40pm


Neil Patrick Harris's Tony Awards Opening Number Was Amazing

In his opening number at the Tony Awards last night, Neil Patrick Harris sang at a lightning-quick clip, danced in a slim-fitting tuxedo, did some physical comedy with Mike Tyson and LITERALLY jumped through a hoop. It was a dazzling, hyperkinetic, hilarious spectacle, and as one YouTube commenter states, "NPH… »6/10/13 10:25am6/10/13 10:25am

Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number from Last Night's Tonys Proposes that Life Sucks Less as a Musical

Whether you happened to have missed the Tony Awards last night or just really want to relive everyone's favorite celebration of the Great White Way, here's a taste of the ceremony with third time host Neil Patrick Harris' opening number, featuring the likes of Patti Lupone, Amanda Seyfried and Little Orphan Annie.… »6/11/12 1:50pm6/11/12 1:50pm